Men's summer vests with pockets: fashion trends and features of choice

2 сентября 2020

Men's summer vests with pockets: fashion trends and features of choice

Men’s vests with pockets by the right deserve a leading position in the fashion world. Despite the fact that this is a modification of a three-piece suit, vests for men have been a permanent wardrobe item for many years. Now there are many brands of this clothing: men's vests Olympina.


Initially, the vest was an addition to the caftan and had a completely different look than it is now: in ancient times it was a dress with long sleeves and flaps. Fashion historians find it difficult to say exactly in what period and in which country the men's vest appeared. Now this is one of the most common attributes of outfit in the modern world. However, today there are several points of view on the question of where this type of clothing comes from.

It is believed that the men's vest is an outfit originally from Turkey, which has undergone changes over time and modified by representatives of different cultures and eras, inhabitants of countries with different climatic conditions. In Russia, men's vests began to be worn following the example of Europeans, who, in turn, adopted this outfit from the people of the East since the period of the Crusades.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, a corset became widespread in European countries, and a vest became an ideal complement to it - with its help, the nobles emphasized the breadth of the shoulders and a thin, wasp waist, which met the fashion standards of that time. The vest was decorated with graceful stripes, jewelry, silk, satin and cashmere fabrics were taken for sewing products.

Men's vests have become one of the staples of the wardrobe almost all over the world. The peak of the popularity of this type of clothing came at the end of the Second World War. An interesting fact - the first to wear vests were representatives of the hippie subculture and other informal movements. After some time, the vest has become an indispensable element of the wardrobe of police officers, military personnel, builders and road workers, and now these clothes are a common attribute of office workers and a marker of business style. However, it is widely used in everyday life, such as Olympina men's vests.


Men's vests with pockets are practical and comfortable clothes that are versatile for any occasion. It can be worn as a daily outfit, it will hide flaws and highlight the dignity of the owner. A men's vest with pockets can protect from cold in bad weather and make a person more stylish.


In accordance with the black tie dress code, the vest is worn under the jacket, because it is an unusual dress. In a formal style, vests can be complemented with lapels, have a shorter front part that allows you to see a light shirt.


This type of men's vests is an element of a three-piece suit, looks strict and formal - such clothes emphasize the waist and figure as a whole, and, as a rule, they are monochromatic. However, costume vests are sewn not only for business occasions: a wide variety of fabrics are used for sewing these products, which allows the buyer to choose clothes for informal meetings.

Casual style

Casual-style clothing looks less strict, businesslike, brings more swagger to the image, as it is not in a business style. The vest fits well into the casual style, the main thing is to adhere to the difference in the colors of the outer and bottom clothes. You can choose the usual combination of classic dark-colored trousers and a shirt in light shades.

There are a lot of variations in the colors of men's vests: striped, checkered, Indian "cucumbers" also known as paisley pattern, oriental patterns, etc. In Russia, vests of any color and ornament are welcome, the main thing is to choose the right combination of clothes and color palette.

For casual style, it is also acceptable to wear a regular tie or bow tie in combination with a vest.

Sleeveless version

Usually this type is represented by men's vests with pockets and is used on vacation, in the forest, in the cottage, on fishing. Such clothes protect from wind, cold, carry out the function of carrying things, because usually there are 4-6 capacious pockets on such vests. Olympina men's vests are a prime example of this type of clothing.

Scottevest Q. U. E. S. T

An unusual model, made specifically for carrying a large number of electronic devices (phones, microphones, tablets, even netbooks and laptops). It is surprising that such a men's vest with pockets has a business style close to an office design, but it is designed specifically to accommodate devices. The most capacious pocket is on the back, where a laptop is placed.


This type of clothing takes its name from the northern breed of dog of the same name - the Alaskan Malamute. This vest is very warm, provides an excellent protection from wind and cold and does not get wet. Has a camouflage coloration. That clothing is suitable for active leisure in the countryside just like the Olympina men's vest.

Criteria of choice

A vest is a good addition to the rest of the wardrobe and is not only a harmonious aesthetic image, but also a practical thing: for example, it keeps you warm. In order to choose a vest, you should adhere to the next criteria:

  • Fabric. Wool clothing is considered to be the most durable and comfortable to wear, such a thing is warm, comfortable, but is not beautiful. Cashmere and suede vests look more elegant, but such things are very demanding to care for and wear out quickly. Linen clothing is lightweight, made of natural material, allows the skin to breathe, good for summer walks. The only negative is that it wrinkles easily and is difficult to smooth out. The most common material for sewing vests is cotton. Cotton clothing is inexpensive, natural, and lasts a long time. The cheapest fabric is polyester, but it has low quality, aesthetics, poor air permeability and can cause skin irritation.
  • Backing. Cupro is the best fabric for lining, it looks good, has good breathability, wears out for a long time, but is expensive. In second place is viscose - it costs a little cheaper than cupro, it allows air to pass through well, but wears out quickly. Cotton is another option in terms of its characteristics, affordable, long, looks beautiful. Cupro is the best fabric for backing, it looks good, has good breathability, wears out for a long time, but is expensive. In second place is viscose - it costs a little cheaper than cupro, it allows air to pass through well, but wears out quickly. Cotton is the best option for its characteristics, affordable, lasts a long time, looks beautiful.
  • Buttons can be made of any material: bone, mother of pearl, leather, metal, wood, etc.

Combination of vest and rest of clothing

The selection of an outfit depends on the situation. On a typical day, you can wear a simple, self-coloured Olympina men's vest, for example, with jeans or shorts. For a business meeting, you should choose an elegant vest and trousers of the same color. You can wear a colorful vest with many patterns to a party, decorate it with stripes, stickers and different badges.